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Autonomous Vehicles AGV & AMR

Autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are both types of robotic vehicles that operate without human intervention.

They are used in various industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics, to transport goods and materials from one location to another.

AGVs are robotic vehicles that move along predetermined paths or routes, which are typically marked on the floor with tape or magnetic strips. They are designed to navigate through an environment and avoid obstacles using sensors and other technology.

AMRs,also known as AIV’s or Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles, are more flexible and adaptable than AGVs. They are designed to navigate through an environment using sensors and other technology, but they are not restricted to following a predetermined path. Instead, they can change their route and adapt to changing conditions in real-time.

This is why we advise companies to liaise with us prior to implementation to assess all the various robotic options available first. As a platform-independent automations solutions provider, we can ensure the right robot types, from the right manufacturer, for the right elements of your process line you’re looking to automate.

Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles

AGV’s and AMR’s are a simple yet effective solution to moving product between areas in facilities, and they offer a number of advantages over traditional methods of production.

The benefits include:

Increased efficiency: AGVs and AMRs can operate 24/7 without the need for breaks, vacations, or sick days. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced downtime in manufacturing or warehousing operations.

Improved safety for hazardous environments: Because AGVs and AMRs operate autonomously, they can reduce the risk of accidents caused by human error. They can also be used in environments not suited to humans.

Flexibility: AMRs are designed to be highly flexible and adaptable, which means they can be quickly reprogrammed to perform different tasks. This allows businesses to respond to changing customer demands or production needs.

Cost savings: Implementing AGVs or AMRs can lead to significant cost savings over time, as they can reduce the need for human labor and prevent costly mistakes or accidents.

Increased accuracy: AGVs and AMRs can be programmed to be highly precise, which can lead to improved quality control and reduced waste.

Data collection: AGVs and AMRs can be equipped with sensors and other technology to collect data on production processes, which can help businesses identify areas for improvement and optimise their operations.

Types of Autonomous Vehicles

There are a multitude of AGV & AMR types, most often seen within the logistics and warehousing part of any business. They include:

  • Automated Guided Carts (AGC)
  • Forklift vehicles
  • Towing vehicles
  • Unit Load Handlers
  • Trolley Handlers
  • Heavy Burden Carriers

Typical AGV & AMR Applications

Storage Operations
  • Pallet stacking
  • Rack Storage
  • Storage area
  • Ground-level lines

Material Handling
  • Line feeding
  • End of line handling
  • Kitting
  • Auxiliary flows

Logistics Trains
  • Logistics train transport
  • Unloading station
  • Full pallet delivery
  • Empty pallet transfer

Production Flows
  • Subassembly process
  • New stations
  • Robot cells – precision transportation, safe muting

Goods to person
  • Picking and packing
  • Storage area
  • Rack delivery
  • Racks to put away
  • Racks picking

Discover our other robotics solutions

Introducing AMRConnect™

AMRConnect™ is our Warehouse Management System: a highly configurable software solution that offers real-time, actionable insights and visibility into your mobile robot fleet, helping to improve operational efficiency and productivity throughout your facility.

Don’t let capital expenditure concerns hold you back…

Capital expenditure on industrial assets can often be a stumbling block to obtaining the automation you need within your business. We offer flexible financing options to ensure you can get your automation project off the ground straight away.

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ServConnect™ Service Support

ServConnect™ is our comprehensive Asset Support Programme.

What it means to you: Reduced downtime, managed cashflow and knowing that we’re always there for you, 24/7.

We have three distinct service offerings, to ensure excellent operational support of your industrial assets:

Reactive: On-Demand connected support
  • 24/7/365 contract support
  • Call out engineer
  • Adhoc support
  • Service credits
  • Rentals/Hire
  • Disaster Recovery

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Proactive: Integrated connected support
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Production optimisation
  • Obsolescence & upgrades
  • PLC battery replacement
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Training
  • Motor repairs
  • System repair
  • PLC & VSD servicing
  • Network health check
  • Thermal image studies
  • Embedded resource
  • Spares management

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Development: Managed connected support
  • Critical system monitoring
  • Condition monitoring
  • Control System Asset Management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Cyber security
  • Network health check
  • Resident engineer
  • Repair services
  • Retrofits & upgrades
  • Software support & maintenance
  • Safety audit
  • Energy audit
  • Obsolescence management

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