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Automation Platform Technology Partners

As a platform-independent Systems Integrator with extensive experience of applying and integrating equipment and software from many different manufacturers, Iconsys is uniquely well-placed to assist you in selecting the optimum platform (or suite of platforms) for your project, whether it be an upgrade or rationalisation of an existing system or a complete new system.

Platforms with which we regularly work include the following:

Legacy Platforms


  • ABB PAD Series
  • ABB DCS400 Series
  • ABB DCS500 Series
  • ABB ACS500 Series
  • ABB ACS600 Series
  • Imagem (SCADA system for GEM80 PLCs)
  • Fix32 (became GE iFix)
  • GEC Gem80
  • KTK(Control Techniques) Mentor 1 & 2
  • Rockwell / Allen-Bradley PLC5 & SLC500
  • Reliance Automax
  • Reliance Automate
  • Siemens Micromaster 400 series
  • Siemens Masterdrive
  • Siemens OP/TP/MP series (HMIs)
  • Siemens S5 Series
  • Siemens Simoreg DC Master
  • Siemens TI-5XX Series
Whatever industry you’re in, whatever technology you need, Iconsys has the solution.
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