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Automation Platform Technology Partners

As a platform-independent Systems Integrator with extensive experience of applying and integrating equipment and software from many different manufacturers, iconsys is uniquely placed to assist you in selecting the optimum platform (or suite of platforms) for your project, whether it be an upgrade or rationalisation of an existing system or a complete new system.

Platforms with which we regularly work include the following:

Legacy Platforms


  • ABB PAD Series
  • ABB DCS400 Series
  • ABB DCS500 Series
  • ABB ACS500 Series
  • ABB ACS600 Series
  • Imagem (SCADA system for GEM80 PLCs)
  • Fix32 (became GE iFix)
  • GEC Gem80
  • KTK(Control Techniques) Mentor 1 & 2
  • Rockwell / Allen-Bradley PLC5 & SLC500
  • Reliance Automax
  • Reliance Automate
  • Siemens Micromaster 400 series
  • Siemens Masterdrive
  • Siemens OP/TP/MP series (HMIs)
  • Siemens S5 Series
  • Siemens Simoreg DC Master
  • Siemens TI-5XX Series
iconsys enhance performance through integration of automation technologies.
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