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AMR pallet transfer


The customer is a leading company in the FMCG area that was looking to incorporate mobile robots within their manufacturing and warehousing facilities

Our Solution

The solution was subjected to continuous assessment by their global safety teams and the project was used to provide a centreline for any subsequent autonomous mobile robot projects.

They required a solution to automate the pallet transfer of packed goods from the newly built cell to the existing warehouse conveyor (PLC Communication and incorporating CAD / drawing data into the design).

At the warehouse conveyor side there was an existing manual pallet transfer that was required to be fully operational in parallel with the new autonomous system.

The design considered the integration of the safety systems on both the fixed installations as well as the mobile robots to meet current safety regulations, including the mobile robot specific standard, BS EN ISO 3691-4.

The maximum weight of a pallet with goods is over 180 kg.

Designed and integrated solution that maintained the current manual pallet loading line.

Provided safety solution for both MiR interfaces including guarding and appropriate control safety features.

Integration of two MiR robots to transfer the pallet with top module to enable safe pallet load/ off-load.

Upgraded warehouse conveyor interface safety standards to current safety legislation.

Participated in development of company specific standards to be used by the customer at the global level.


  •  Reduction of hazards
  • Addressing labour shortage issues
  • Future expansion available

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