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Whilst being committed to offering our clients solutions that enable them to transition to net zero, we’re ‘walking the walk’ with our own sustainability journey.

Learn more here how we are leading from the front with our sustainability pledges to be part of a more viable & resilient world.

Sustainability begins at home, our home.

A huge leap forward in realising our sustainability ambitions came with our £1.5m investment in our new HQ, the Technology Hub in 2021, specifically built and engineered to be a building with minimal impact on the environment. It includes:

  • Smart building technologies which have resulted in a decrease of our combined energy use by 43% from 2019 figures
  • Installed EV charging points for staff and visitors, and we are committed to moving our company vehicle fleet to electric, wherever practicable
  • Smart blinds to reduce need for heating and air conditioning
  • Smart lighting to reduce electricity use

As a result, we have:

  • Decreased our water consumption by 33% from 2019 figures
  • Decreased our paper consumption by 50% from 2019 figures
  • Reduced our waste by 51% from 2019 figures (and achieved zero to landfill)

Our Smart Building Management System (BMS) monitors occupancy throughout the building and adjusts temperatures, lighting and airflow to minimise energy use 24/7.

We aim to contribute to economic development whilst ensuring that we deliver and maintain a positive impact on the communities and environment in which we operate.

Our Sustainability Pledges

Embracing the circular economy

Our ambitious sustainability strategy includes embracing the circular economy, both within our business and helping business in sectors where a circular economy is fundamental to its future, such as within Metals.

Optimal energy efficiency

Our smart Technology Hub has allowed us to ensure we are operating at optimal energy efficiency with the latest in energy-saving technology. We purchase all of our electricity from renewable sources.

Reducing miles on the road

We make measured decisions on why, how and where we travel, including providing more remote working opportunities to our team.

Sustainable supply chain management

We buy goods and services with a  measured approach in terms of sustainability first, wherever possible. Understanding our supply chains and minimising carbon footprint are key.

We are actively working towards being carbon neutral on procured materials by 2050.

Reducing emissions

We will reduce our CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve net zero carbon by 2050. To support this ambitious goal, we’ve developed a series of objectives with targets and measures for each.

New company vehicles in future will all be electric, wherever practicable, with low-carbon equivalents for the rest.


Local economy development

Contributing to our local economy is of high importance to us: we work with local authorities to support the employment and training of local labour, whilst ensuring that our labour force has an opportunity to enhance their qualifications.

The development of our own iconsys Academy of Learning will provide a huge step in the right direction.

Sustainable staff mindset

Employing people who are committed to improving sustainability, for both our customers and our business is a key focus during talent acquisition process.

Team wellbeing

We promote a healthy, diverse & inclusive workforce here at iconsys, in a number of different ways: the launch of our culture committee was a big part of delivering this, along with signing up to the Midlands Mental Health & Productivity Pilot and making the Mental Health at Work commitment.

This has been followed by training Mental Heath First Aiders, launching our Wellbeing Hub and counselling support offering.

Finally, we now have 6 trained Wellbeing Champions from all areas of the business to ensure everyone in the business has someone they can turn to.

Working with sustainability-conscious clients

We actively seek to provide automation solutions to clients that have high sustainability credentials, incorporating improved energy efficiency, using alternative energy sources and enhanced power management as part of of overall automation solution.

Enhancing our Technology Hub

On top of the initial £1.5m investment in having a smart-tech headquarters, we are continually looking to enhance it’s green credentials.

We are currently:

  • Investigating the installation of solar panels so we can generate our own renewable energy
  • Setting up wildlife habitats on our premises to encourage biodiversity
  • Encouraging staff to implement energy saving measures when working from home
  • Investigating the use of grey water to reduce our overall water consumption
  • Introducing a salary sacrifice scheme to enable staff to purchase Electric Vehicles

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