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Enhancing Performance

A platform-independent provider of integrated automation solutions, iconsys has the combined knowledge, innovation and commitment to enhance performance across multiple industries.

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Our Purpose

iconsys exists to enhance performance through integration of automation technologies.

Our Mission

To enable customers to achieve the most efficient, effective and safe production environments in industry through leading edge automation technology.

Our Values


We believe people are at the core of everything we do. We employ and nurture the best talent in the industry.


We believe in a partnership approach and strive to build strong relationships built on trust.


We design and build quality systems that maximise uptime in production critical environments.


We have an unshakable belief in exploring emerging technology to continually enhance production.

Project Methodology

Fully integrated Project Management Solutions
Project Methodology

The iconsys Lifecycle

Support at every stage of your project & beyond
The Iconsys Lifecycle

Our 2020 Vision

Looking to the future with growing technologies
2020+ Strategy

Our history

iconsys has had a long and varied history, with many milestones along the way to becoming a leading UK automation solution provider and system integrator.

Health & Safety

Working in such complex and hazardous environments, we take every precaution to ensure the safety of our people. All iconsys employees participate in our health and safety programme, which considers personal wellbeing as the highest objective of every project.


A team dedicated to safer practices

Schedules and budgets never come before the well-being of our people. Managers are accountable for the health and safety of all employees and contractors, as well as enforcing policies. Our dedicated safety advisors keep us informed about local regulations and safety hazards related to the industries we serve, ensuring the correct tools, equipment, PPE and work practices. Our policies and procedures meet or exceed the regulatory requirements of industry best practices, protecting the environment and communities we work in, as well as employees and those affected by our activities.


Training & development

Focusing on zero injuries, environmental incidents and operating disruptions, we provide training for hazard awareness, necessary qualifications for specific types of work or equipment, and industry-specific safety. We set measurable safety goals and perform annual reviews, while also following environmental regulations and new control technology developments to ensure well-informed consulting services. Our employees freely participate in the ongoing safety improvement process and as a result, iconsys consistently achieves recordable injury rates well below the national averages.

People & Culture

The complexity of our industry creates many different aspects to our business. However, the key to everything we do at iconsys is our culture. That’s why employing and nurturing committed, skilled and knowledgeable people are essential to our success.

You won’t find any closed doors here. We invite everyone to collaborate and contribute to world-changing technology. To work harder, quicker and smarter, going the extra mile to deliver meaningful solutions that exceed customer expectations. We always encourage constructive comment to learn to our advantage, and safety comes first, every time.

Friendly, fun-loving and family-oriented, we’re as inclusive and progressive in the workplace as we are in society and everyday life. It’s what makes us stand out, as well as respected and trusted by our customers.

iconsys enhance performance through integration of automation technologies.
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