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Perfecting a virtual environment 

You’re no doubt familiar with maintaining hardware and performing necessary software updates to PCs and mobile devices in today’s high-tech environment. On the other hand, upgrading legacy automation control systems at the end of their life expectancy, can be unnerving.

As well as the expiry of your equipment warranty and tech support services, the running and monitoring costs of different hardware and software platforms will have risen. With systems no longer scalable and unable to run the latest software and compatible applications, it’s time to migrate and modernise your control system infrastructure.

Overwhelming yes, but because iconsys is a platform-independent automation solutions provider, we will search for the most appropriate, low-risk solution. Keeping your current operations and infrastructure up and running, our migration plan will help you design, build, configure, set up and test a virtual control system environment.

Virtualisation technology offers many benefits:

  • Reduced hardware footprint
  • Scalability (can run up-to-date software and compatible applications)
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Increased reliability and redundancy
  • Recovery from equipment failures
  • Improved manageability (managing and monitoring both hardware and licensing)

The iconsys strategy

Our process combines analysis of the challenge, a phased approach to execution and continued support — all to ensure your upgrade doesn’t just bring you up to speed, but propels you ahead of your competition for years to come. We review and assess your specific hardware and software design requirements. If, based on this upfront planning a virtualised environment is right for you, we will recommend a virtualisation platform that best fits your needs, level of systems integration services desired and roadmaps for providing ongoing support.

iconsys can help:

  • Virtualisation infrastructure design requirements and recommendations (customize as needed)
  • Hardware and licensing (servers, storage arrays, network switches and licenses)
  • Implementation of virtualization infrastructure environment
  • Hardware and software configuration, setup and testing platform environment (can test remotely from different locations)
  • Management tools
  • Virtual machine deployment
  • Backup strategy implementation (site recovery management)
  • Vendor hardware and software warranty (customer-owned)
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