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Industrial Cyber Security

Risk Assessment and Audit Services

Manufacturers are facing increasing industrial security exploits, with risks ranging from costly downtime and negative customer impact to financial loss and stolen proprietary information. When so much is on the line, you can trust iconsys to evaluate and ensure the industrial security of all your operations.

Manufacturers are now more aware of industrial security risks and the need to protect against them. Especially since the appearance of ransomware and the Triton safety system specific malware. Here are the most common industrial control system vulnerabilities:

  • Improper user permissions and access controls
  • Weak passwords and password policies
  • Poor patch management for ICS security configuration and maintenance
  • Lack of network segmentation, functional demilitarised zones and firewalls
  • Poor logging practices and poor understanding of network architecture

We have experience of identifying such vulnerabilities and helping manufacturers to overcome them.

The iconsys strategy

Uniquely positioned to provide total cyber security solutions for manufacturing environments, we combine our technical expertise of control system platforms with an extensive knowledge of industrial security.

iconsys can help:
  • Assess overall plant facility vulnerability and SCADA / PLC / DCS security, network architecture reviews and internet testing
  • Develop industrial security policies and procedures
  • Facilitate training and awareness
  • Vulnerability and patch management, with our optional testing/simulation environments
  • Configuration hardening and management
  • Systems backup and recovery
  • ServConnect 24/7/365 remote network and systems monitoring and support
  • Ensure remediation

Experts in Industrial Cyber Security

Bringing special insight and expertise, we understand the many different cyber security vulnerabilities of manufacturing control systems, plant networks, and identity and access management systems.

With more than 4,000 projects completed in 36 countries across the world, we’re experts in merging industrial security best practices and manufacturing processes. Benefiting from our invaluable experience, you can count on Iconsys to secure your control systems and protect against major cyber security threats.

iconsys enhance performance through integration of automation technologies.
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