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Operations Technology Consulting

Comprehensive purpose-designed solutions to operational and business challenges

Determining how to solve specific manufacturing challenges can prove difficult, especially with IT and OT lines growing ever closer, plus many competing interests to consider. Platforms sold by OEMs may not be the right choice for your operation, while the needs of company stakeholders can also influence any decisions.

Three steps to answering your business and operational challenges

  1. We understand the capabilities/goals of your organisation/stakeholders
  2. We leverage your existing infrastructure wherever possible
  3. We define a logical, incremental approach to solving the problem

To determine the best solution for every business issue, our knowledgeable consulting team reviews your current operational systems and platforms, taking a fit-for-purpose approach to integrating any new technologies.

iconsys consultants can help you create a logical and business-justified path forward in areas such as these: 

Data consolidation: Eliminate islands of information and manage data via a sustainable model and archive.

Data usability: Unlock manufacturing-centric data to make it usable by everyone in your enterprise.

Data correlation and analysis: Get the most from your investments in data infrastructure by finding and utilizing the value in your data.

Performance metrics: Measure and track your operational performance in the dimensions of asset efficiency, quality performance, product types, materials, energy, safety and cost.

KPI report automation: Update your key performance indicators (KPIs) automatically in real-time to track process and operational performance.

Manufacturing execution: Take the processes you’re using now – production order execution, raw material use, quality management, track and trace – and move them to the next level. For example:

  • Move from paper to electronic data gathering
  • Eliminate manual information transfers from one system to another
  • Add asset and production order level granularity to track and trace systems
  • Consolidate quality and specs and results in a common system
  • Automate data capture from production events

ERP integration to / from manufacturing: Leverage your ERP investment for manufacturing optimization.

Work process management: Help your operators execute critical processes correctly. This is key to maintaining regulatory compliance requirements and managing workforce challenges.

Maintenance optimization enablement: Advance your maintenance operations by adopting condition-based and predictive approaches toward manufacturing assets.

A typical consulting engagement includes a mix of deliverables:

  • Incremental solution roadmap with estimated costs and benefits
  • Business case justification and support
  • Preliminary engineering studies
  • Solution and site readiness assessments
  • Technology selection
  • Value creation opportunity identification

iconsys’ enterprise integration consulting professionals look forward to helping you address your business challenges in a holistic, platform-agnostic approach designed to serve the best interest of your business and organisation.

iconsys enhance performance through integration of automation technologies.
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