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iconsys has successfully completed over 400 projects for manufacturers and processors of aluminium, steel and other metals to date. Delivering these solutions has increased our process knowledge and helped us to develop an understanding of the various special requirements found in different applications within the metals industry. Our relationships with companies such as  ABB, Siemens, Rockwell Automation and many others provide synergies required to deliver application solutions requiring the combination and integration of multiple vendors’ products and services.

Solutions for improved profitability

  • Plant and Machine Immobilisation Schemes using Safety PLC to increase yield
  • Quick changeover upgrade strategies which keep the plant running but takes out obsolescence
  • Having a specially assembled team of trained, certified professionals with the skills needed to deliver metal industry solutions in the country where you work
  • Maintaining an Engineer Team who can deliver complex Process Line application solution
  • Offering Service and Support Agreements to cover a wide range of different vendors products
  • Capabilities in enterprise-wide services, from automation to business-level IT solutions
  • Deep expertise and knowledge of best practices for the metals industry especially for AC and DC Drive applications
  • Knowledge of best practices gained from working in related industries, such as automotive, logistics and material handling
  • A track record of adhering to budgets and timelines
  • Providing Service and Support Agreements for multi-site and multi inter department support
  • Platform-independent, scalable solutions that utilise your existing infrastructure


Material Handling
  • Ship Unloading Drive System
  • Stacker & Reclaimer Drive & Control Systems
  • Wagon Charger Automatic Systems
  • Tippler / Charger Automatic Systems
  • Alloys System Controls Upgrade
  • DRI Handling System Controls
  • Ash Handling System Control

Scrap Handling
  • Scrap Car/Crane Controls
  • DE lacquering Kiln Burner Controls Upgrade
  • Scrap Handling Conveyors Controls Upgrade

Blast Furnace
  • Skip Hoist Controls Upgrade
  • MW VSD Fume Extraction Systems
  • MCC’s for Air & Water Handling
  • Tywer Control Systems

BOS Plant/Melt Shop
  • EAF Burner Controls Optimisation
  • EAF Pulpit Control Desk Design and Build
  • LMF Controls Upgrade
  • Wire Feed Controls Upgrade
  • Melt Shop Water System Controls Upgrade
  • LMF Control Pulpit Design and Build
  • Baghouse Controls Integration and Optimisation
  • Baghouse Opacity Monitoring and Alarming
  • Tapping Pulpit Panel Design and Build
  • Fume Extraction Fan Systems
  • OG (Off Gas) Control & SCADA Systems
  • De Dust Plants Power Systems & Controls
  • Degasser Plant PLC & SCADA
  • Tilter Vessel DOG House Door Controls
  • Safety Control Systems

  • Preheater Temperature Controls
  • Caster Drive Systems
  • Fan & Pump Drive & Control Systems
  • Caster Controls
  • BMS Controls
  • Caster Data Acquisition
  • Tunnel Furnace Drive Controls

Sinter Plant
  • Scrap Car/Crane Controls
  • De Dust 11kV System & Control Systems

Water Systems
  • Melt Shop Water System Controls Upgrade
  • Caster Water System Controls Upgrade
  • Laminar Water System Controls Upgrade
  • Cooling Tower Controls Fans Upgrade
  • Caster Water System Controls Upgrade
  • Alarming and Paging System

Hot Mill
  • Reheat Furnace Pusher Controls Optimisation
  • Screwdown Drive Systems
  • Laser Gauge Control & Safety Systems
  • Hot Mill Roller Table Systems
  • Safety Immobilisation Systems
  • Coiler Control System
  • Edge Guide Control Systems
  • Main Mill Drive Systems
  • Safety & SCADA systems

Roll Shops
  • CNC Grinding Machines
  • Cranes Loader Systems

Cold Mill & Further Processing
  • Inspection Lines
  • Continuous Coating Line Controls
  • Continuous Casting Spray Water Controls
  • Pickle Line Legacy Hardware Upgrades
  • Pickle Line Tank Farm Controls
  • Pickle Line Automax to ControlLogix Conversion
  • Galvanising Line complete Line Drive, Control & SCADA Systems
  • Galvanising Line Legacy Hardware Upgrades
  • Electro Tin Plating Line Drive, Control & SCADA Systems Upgrade
  • Tension Leveller Controls Upgrade
  • Slitter Lines complete Line Drive, Control & SCADA Systems
  • Cut To Length Line complete Line Drive, Control & SCADA Systems
  • Annealing Controls and Level 2 System Controls
  • Coil Press Line Complete Upgrades with Safety
  • Wide & Narrow Colour Coating Line Complete Upgrades
  • Embossing Machine Complete Drive & Control Upgrades
  • Scalper Shape Profile Controls
  • Pickle Line complete Line Drive, Control & SCADA Systems

  • Strip Rolling Mills complete Drive, Control & SCADA Systems
  • Aluminium Rolling Mills complete Drive, Control & SCADA Systems
  • 3 Stand Mill Oil House Controls Upgrade
  • 5 Stand Mill Spray System Controls Upgrades
  • 5 Stand Mill Safety Systems and Immobilisation
  • Screwdown Drive, Control & SCADA Systems
  • Roller Tables
  • Beam Rolling Mills – Drive, Control & SCADA Systems
  • Grade Change Package
  • Acid to Alkaline Conversion
  • Fan and Pump VSD’s and Level Control
  • Beam Rolling Mills – Drive, Control & SCADA Systems
  • Tube Rolling Mills – Drive, Control & SCADA Systems

Main Substation
  • SCADA systems
  • Multilin Protective Relay Interface
  • Energy Management System Controls Upgrade

  • Fan and Pump VSD’s and Level Control
  • Tube Straightener Drive, Control & SCADA Systems

Industry Challenges

  • Obsolescence
  • Safety
  • loss of skilled staff
  • Plant resilience
  • Operational efficiency
  • Reduce down-time
  • Lower running (OPEX) costs
  • Improve H&S
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce head count
  • Ability to recruit skilled staff
  • Improved time to market
  • Product traceability
  • Drive digital strategy – PdM
  • Cyber Security threat
iconsys enhance performance through integration of automation technologies.
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