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Sustaining Services

A smoother running operation for today and tomorrow

Your existing manufacturing plant is probably running well, but is it prepared for the unexpected? You need people with operational knowledge who can continuously improve, maintain and sustain operations and processes, while resolving issues quickly at the same time.

  • Who is your first line of support?
  • Who monitors control system incidents and provides preventative maintenance support when equipment malfunctions or a part breaks?
  • How can real progress be made when the same old problems arise?
  • How do you become more profitable when paying the price for unplanned downtime?
  • How can you advance with constant changes in personnel, raw materials, customer specs, seasonality and product mix?
  • How do you access technical expertise without hiring full-time?
  • Operations and maintenance tasks can consume valuable man-hours from on-site personnel. Responding to them late can lose you valuable production time and sometimes lead to damaged equipment or personnel injury.

When specialist operational consulting knowledge is required to monitor and maintain control systems, Iconsys can help. Platform-independent, we use industry-leading best practices to provide 24/7/365 application support, remote management services and production optimisation solutions.

With periodic monitoring and analysis services to help identify issues and correct them remotely, we can also provide on-site assistance and support you beyond project completion.

Responding to incidents quickly and remotely is proven to reduce downtime and repair costs, while extending the lifetime of your assets. Avoiding just one incident can completely offset the service price by a significant margin. We also offer full-time support, working alongside your team to sustain operational improvements and remove the need for ‘fire-fighting’. This on-hand expertise gives you the extra resources without affecting your personnel budget.

ServConnect™ is our system to support Iconsys customers with connected services.

A ServConnect™ contract protects your core production and proactively helps increase efficiency through a proportionate service, set up all the way to including the professional engineers.

Most companies require some level of outside support, especially as they contend with skills shortages, obsolescence risks and increasing operational complexity.

ServConnect™ adds value:
  • Offers peace of mind
  • Keeps machinery working safely alongside employees
  • An effective services strategy is essential to any future business growth
  • Optimises production efficiency
  • Saves you money in the long run
  • Minimises machinery downtime
  • Understanding customers’ business direction, helping plan for future events, reduced disruption
  • Trained and skilled workforce – optimum modern product knowledge

Contracted customers gain access to our experienced service engineers, whose individual development/training programme enables efficient ongoing support of our customers’ equipment. With backup from a well-established projects team, our experience and expertise for product support is second-to-none.

Sustaining Services areas include:

For Sustaining Services, you can count on Iconsys.
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