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Our 2020+ strategy is the start of an exciting new chapter for iconsys.

With a fresh identity and reignited sense of purpose, we are looking forward by diversifying into growing technologies and sharpening our focus to fully embrace the changes ahead.

Our purpose
To enhance performance through integrated automation technologies

Our mission
To enable customers to achieve the most efficient, effective and safe production environments in industry through leading edge automation technology

Our vision
To lead customers into the digital era

Our Values


We believe in a partnership approach and strive to build strong relationships built on trust.


We design and build quality systems that maximise uptime in production critical environments.


We have an unshakable belief in exploring emerging technology to continually enhance production.


We believe people are at the core of everything we do. We employ and nurture the best talent in the industry.

Our behaviours


We take the utmost care to ensure a safe working environment for everyone.


We offer simple solutions to complex problems, encourage constructive comment to learn to our advantage, and always lead rather than follow.


We work hard to reduce our environmental impact and hold ourselves accountable for what needs to be done.


We think ahead and move quickly to deliver meaningful solutions that exceed customer expectations, on time, to specification and within budget.


We are open and honest, earning the trust and confidence of others by acting with integrity.


We enjoy working together, supporting and inspiring each other. We give praise for a job well done and reward team effort.

Our social

iconsys is committed to providing quality services and continuing to grow as a profitable business. Economic conditions and everyday operations can affect the balance between business objectives and social responsibility. However, we take great pride in our relentless pursuit of excellence and our corporate social impact on the industries we serve.

Every day, people across the world rely on the countless products and services provided by our clients. Working alongside them on all kinds of automation projects, Iconsys enhances and modernises operations to help deliver greater value to their customers.

Taking responsibility for all of our actions, we also develop solutions to leave a more positive impact, whether it’s a smaller environmental footprint, saving energy or increasing product safety and quality.

Our culture

To give everyone at iconsys a voice, we have set up a Culture Committee, made up of employees from each area of the business. Meeting once a month, representatives discuss, review and help improve the way we do things, ensuring we all stay true to our values.

At the centre of our philosophy, we believe in long-term success instead of short-term profits. To achieve it, we take a long-term view of organic, sustainable growth, with strong partnerships built on reliability, integrity and trust.

iconsys enhance performance through integration of automation technologies.
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