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iConvert™ Shore to Ship

Shore to ship power solutions for a cleaner tomorrow

iConvert™ provides a comprehensive turnkey shore-to-ship power solution between vessels and ports.

What is iConvert™?


  • A fully integrated product that offers flexible power solutions for any vessel.
  • An enhanced solutions to complement the existing grid infrastructure due to its microgrid design
  • A solution that can be integrated with batteries, renewables, fuel cells, or other power sources.

Why choose iConvert™?

The benefits include:

  • fully flexible vessel connectivity solutions and is compliant to all relevant shore power standards, and features cloud-based performance monitoring and 24/7 smart support
  • can be installed in any location, including onboard the vessel (e.g., container ship), or an offshore power buoy, utilised with any required connection topologies
  • covers all power ranges, serving the requirements of multiple vessel sizes from CTVs to cruise liners
  • provides an integrated electrical system solution in order to reduce pollution, emissions, noise and vibration in ports, allowing vessels to switch off their engines through seamless power transfer to its micro grid or port electricity grid

Ultimately, iConvert™ future proofs your marine assets and supports smart port functionality. It ensures reliable and eco-friendly power for ports.

We are serving the needs of the marine sector challenges to meet sustainability and emissions savings targets using electric and fuel cell powered systems.

iConvert™ in the real world

We were selected by PD&MS to support Maersk Supply Service on its ‘Stillstrom’ project, the world’s first full-scale offshore power buoy for vessels.

iConvert™ provides offshore wind farm energy to vessels through a power buoy. It is designed to support the decarbonisation of the maritime industry by reducing idle emissions while safely moored to the power buoy. Substituting fossil-based fuels with green electricity will eliminate substantial emissions and noise pollution while the buoy is in use.

The power buoy is large enough to power an SOV-sized hybrid-electric vessel, with plans to scale up and deploy in multiple locations alongside wind farms globally.

ServConnect™ Service Support

ServConnect™ is our comprehensive Asset Support Programme.

What it means to you: Reduced downtime, managed cashflow and knowing that we’re always there for you, 24/7.

We have three distinct service offerings, to ensure excellent operational support of your industrial assets:

Reactive: On-Demand connected support
  • 24/7/365 contract support
  • Call out engineer
  • Adhoc support
  • Service credits
  • Rentals/Hire
  • Disaster Recovery

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Proactive: Integrated connected support
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Production optimisation
  • Obsolescence & upgrades
  • PLC battery replacement
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Training
  • Motor repairs
  • System repair
  • PLC & VSD servicing
  • Network health check
  • Thermal image studies
  • Embedded resource
  • Spares management

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Development: Managed connected support
  • Critical system monitoring
  • Condition monitoring
  • Control System Asset Management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Cyber security
  • Network health check
  • Resident engineer
  • Repair services
  • Retrofits & upgrades
  • Software support & maintenance
  • Safety audit
  • Energy audit
  • Obsolescence management

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Don’t let capital expenditure concerns hold you back…

Capital expenditure on industrial assets can often be a stumbling block to obtaining the automation you need within your business. We offer flexible financing options to ensure you can get your automation project off the ground straight away.

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