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Energy Efficiency

Energy Optimisation Services

To boost manufacturing profitability and support sustainability initiatives, energy optimisation and utility usage reductions are essential. In most industries, energy utilities take a high percentage of the monthly operating expense, and if your plant consumes a lot of energy or generates its own steam/electricity, you’re no doubt under pressure to reduce costs by being more energy efficient. iconsys can identify areas for improvement and outline changes in practices, process or technology that will enable it. We then help you implement those changes in order to recognise an immediate return on investment (ROI).

We provide comprehensive energy optimisation consulting — including energy industry management services and energy engineering consulting. We identify opportunities for energy optimisation during the manufacturing process and help you act on them. With years of experience in industrial energy efficiency, we have proven our ability to deliver energy cost reductions for our manufacturing customers.

iconsys can help:
  • On-site energy optimisation – reviewing how your manufacturing systems are operated and maintained. Direct observation and interviews with operating and maintenance staff, followed by a review to understand how much energy your facility uses weekly, monthly and annually.
  • Inspection of your systems and review available documentation to determine adequacy of instrumentation, operating efficiency, controllability and reliability.
  • Testing – utilising available historical operating data and testing as needed to determine energy efficiencies and the actual flow of purchased/generated thermal and electric energy throughout your facility.
  • Calculation and cost analysis – determining which energy optimising modifications will help save you money, and how much.
  • Documentation – report containing a summary of our findings, detailed cost-benefits analysis and all short and long-term recommendations for specific improvements to reduce energy costs and make your manufacturing process more energy efficient.
  • Implementation – we’re ready as your partner for change, to implement fixed-price projects that accomplish any or all of our recommendations.
  • Lower your carbon footprint through industrial energy reduction

Experts in Energy Efficiency Consulting

Just think of what a 5, 10 or even 20% reduction in your current utilities spend could achieve. Whichever industry you work in, our proven methodology can help improve your overall energy efficiency, reduce operating costs and provide an immediate return. It’s a more responsible and profitable way to operate that will also make you stand out within the marketplace.

iconsys enhance performance through integration of automation technologies.
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