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Manufacturing / ERP Integration

Integrate your business from the ground up

Every year, inaccurate and incomplete company information wastes hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue for manufacturers. Simply by integrating your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with the operational systems, immediate gains can be made across the business. This way, the right data goes to the right people at the right time, which can optimise your decisions, reduce manual errors and improve the whole operation.

Accurate data equals efficient production

When material consumption isn’t reported automatically, assumptions based on allocations from the bill of materials can create inventory inaccuracies. The result is either a surplus of material, or stock outages that can bring production to a halt. Although common practice, inventory checks and backflushing at the end of each run or batch are not the most efficient solutions:

  • Daily production slows down
  • Additional operating costs
  • Accounting inaccuracies
  • Delays in releasing orders if value must be accurate before shipping
  • Working capital tied up in finished goods inventory

Product quality is everything in manufacturing. To match the correct quality parameters to the product, it’s ideal to have a seamless transition of the master product quality specifications from the ERP system to the production assets and personnel at the beginning of a production run.

Once the run comes to an end, the quality results automatically return to the ERP system, forming part of the order’s historical record, together with the certificate of analysis (COA), if required. These automated procedures reduce manual jobs and potential human error.

Why ERP integration is a must

Seamless information flow can also be applied to production orders. Electronic communication by the ERP system to and from the production floor is an essential practice for any major manufacturer. To communicate your production schedule or be updated on the current status of your orders, ERP integration is much more efficient than using paper or white boards.

Vertical integration between the ERP and production floor is a vital part of track-and-trace systems, most notably in industries like food, beverages and life sciences. The benefits are plain to see:

  • Gets rid of inefficient paper systems
  • Adds granularity for greater accuracy
  • Less recalls
  • Meets regulatory requirements

iconsys can provide the integration you need to reduce operating costs and stay competitive. We have the platform-independent approach, proven experience and capabilities to increment positive change and help improve your business outcomes.

iconsys enhance performance through integration of automation technologies.
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