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ABB’s control systems and drives have been well-established and dependable worldwide for years. Offering a broad selection of products which can be applied to different industries, ABB could be the right choice for your needs.

As a system integrator, iconsys can utilise ABB solutions in an optimal capacity and apply them to solutions in any industry. We offer a full solution from design and manufacture to installation, commissioning, service and support.

Why iconsys?

iconsys and ABB have had a strong working relationship for over 30 years, having successfully collaborated on numerous large diverse turnkey projects within a multitude of industry sectors.

As one of the UK’s leading and forward thinking system integrators, our extensive ABB drive, automation and robotics expertise, combined with vast real-world experience, offers a unique opportunity to provide a solution that supports all your ABB automation needs both in the present and future.

Specific ABB capabilities include:

For ABB specific projects, you can count on Iconsys.
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