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Continuous Process Line Automation

Innovative solutions for all phases of Continuous Process Line Automation

In an ever-evolving digital world, manufacturers are busy updating or migrating legacy systems and improving processes to achieve a data-driven production and execution model. The application of modern process line automation technologies, control systems and supporting data offers the greatest opportunity to increase production rates, improve yields and reduce energy consumption in existing processes, whilst integrating these technologies into new process lines ensures optimum performance from the outset.

iconsys has the process line automation expertise to take a complete business perspective in order to optimise your total investment and return on capital expenditures. Our continuous process line automation solutions for major global industry players have achieved governmental compliance, as well as minimising environmental, employee and community impact.

Take advantage of our proven capabilities to gain a competitive edge and meet all of your continuous process line automation requirements.

Process line automation and control

iconsys can optimise your existing infrastructure to implement process line automation solutions designed for your manufacturing and processing needs. We can also create state-of-the-art solutions for new process lines, designed to meet your requirements for performance, efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Our process line automation experience is a core strength of the business, covering every major Drive, Servo, SCADA/HMI, DCS and PLC currently available. We create sophisticated multi-drive systems with precise speed, position (dancer), tension or elongation control for the following manufacturing industries:

Steel process lines
Aluminium process lines
Wire drawing machines
Glass process lines
Textile lines
Paper and board machines


The iconsys strategy

Business Process

Our operational consultants use Iconsys business systems to analyse your processes and provide actionable insights for streamlining the flow of business information to realise measurable benefits. Combining people, processes and technology, we work with you to ensure that the requirements for your targeted automation technology implementation produce the desired results. We connect your enterprise from the plant floor to the boardroom, with the business and operational processes in place to support the implementation.

Data Management and Historian

Collecting, storing and distributing real-time production data as part of an automation system allows identification of the causes of operational problems and quality issues. Iconsys works with customers to implement data management systems and historians as part of continuous improvement with initiatives, helping managers use these tools to analyse their production data and make smarter decisions for increased productivity, quality and compliance.

Preliminary Engineering Design

This second phase follows the feasibility study and often happens prior to final process automation project approval. It can be used to generate Requests for Quotation (RFQ), which can then be sent to potential suppliers and contractors in order to develop an investment-quality cost estimate. Preliminary equipment layouts and schematics may be generated during the phase for automation projects that involve the instrumentation and control system — for example, in greenfield projects, major equipment updates and control system upgrades. Iconsys engineers have been responsible for preliminary engineering design on many automation projects within different industries, ensuring they stay within the approved scope and budget.

Control System Design/Engineering

A facility’s process control systems are critical to every automation project. Iconsys provides design, engineering and troubleshooting services for these systems to ensure the quality and proper integration of the system components, drives, motor control circuits, power supplies, PLCs and SCADA systems.

Process Analysis

To develop a sound automation system design with improved operation and productivity, a clear understanding of processes is critical. Process analysis includes reviewing the electrical and mechanical drawings, together with operating data, and gathering input from operations personnel through key interviews. This uncovers the key operating goals and targets and important product quality variables, as well as the constraints, limitations and bottlenecks that challenge operators. The best automation system designs create the tools that empower operators to overcome the challenges and meet key goals and targets. Our process control engineers apply sound process analysis on all automation projects.

Programming and Configuration

Bringing to life the detailed design of the instrumentation and control system, our control engineers have extensive experience working with every major DCS, PLC and SCADA system. They apply this process automation knowledge in using the latest engineering tools to convert logic diagrams into PLC ladder and functional block logic, to write generic and custom code and to build I/O and control applications using standard system function blocks and other features. With the features available in modern control systems, even the most complex advanced control strategies can be configured and programmed.

Project Management

Project management is one of the most important factors in a successful automation project. Iconsys employs a proven structured approach to project management at every stage, eliminating many of the problems that can keep an automation project from meeting its scheduled requirements.


Iconsys understands that in today’s business world of enterprise-wide facility integration, many companies are concerned about the risk of exposing process control systems to networks that have connectivity beyond the facility’s boundaries. We work closely with automation customers, ensuring that every network is protected sufficiently to maintain its integrity and confidentiality, and minimise the risk of unwanted intrusion.

Systems Design

Throughout each automation project, Iconsys provides top-to-bottom design of integrated control, manufacturing and business systems. Our design expertise spans the spectrum, including electrical, DCS, PLC, HMI and SCADA implementations; I/O point configuration; advanced process control; and control and business networks.

Systems Development

Our systems development service offering is based on a robust project methodology. This ensures that we follow best engineering practices during all phases, including system configuration and setup; control, HMI and SCADA programming and configuration; historian configuration and database programming; business interface development; and documented testing. All phases of software development are subject to revision control and documentation.

System Implementation

The comprehensive implementation of our engineered solutions includes technical services at all stages of the project, installation, system commissioning and start-up, as well as ongoing support.

Consultative Services

Expert manufacturing consultation from Iconsys can provide immediate, effective automation solutions. Our team can help you identify and eliminate the specific operational constraints that impact your profitability. Everything from distribution inefficiencies, outdated, underutilised or inappropriate technologies and capacity bottlenecks, to organisational resource levelling, manufacturing, scheduling and planning issues, and inadequate strategic vision.

iconsys enhance performance through integration of automation technologies.
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