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Universal Robots

Universal Robots are flexible 6-axis robot arms sold worldwide. These can be integrated into a variety of solutions in multiple production environments. Their flexibility means they can either be mounted on a fixed surface or mounted to an autonomous mobile robot.

iconsys can apply Universal Robots in conjunction with MiR to create our mobile robot arm – iAM-R. This all-encompassing, intelligent, customisable product can be utilised in multiple areas of your facility. With no need for special tracks and built-in safety, this solution can automate a range of processes.

Why iconsys?

The iconsys team has received extensive training to expand an already vast robotics knowledge to utilise Universal Robots in a variety of applications. Our industry leading autonomous robotic solutions allow the Universal Robots range to be optimised in your facility. These collaborative robots can be utilised to undertake multiple tasks and with the use of AMRs, this can be undertaken throughout your facility. We can also apply a range of add-ons to give you a unique solution to optimise processes.

Specific Universal capabilities include:

iconsys enhance performance through integration of automation technologies.
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