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Manufacturing Execution

Automating and integrating production

If your manufacturing operation doesn’t have the right processes, tracking and managing every transaction can be extremely time consuming. Paper log sheets are really slow and prone to errors, while platforms like Microsoft Excel and Access are unable to share information if they’re isolated.

Timely tasks include:

  • Filling out/managing paper log sheets
  • Managing recipes, batch records and quality data
  • Researching the status of orders during/after production
  • Formulating cost variance/performance reports
  • Researching root cause analysis for production disruptions/waste events
  • Counting bulk material inventory manually and auditing consumption
  • Managing machine use and equipment set-up between products

iconsys can help

Our enterprise integration consultants have a wealth of experience working with end users to help automate and integrate these functions, using the following tools and technologies:

  • Manufacturing execution systems (MES)
  • Manufacturing operations management (MOM)
  • Enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI)
  • Production order execution
  • Product track and trace
  • Quality management
  • Workflow and work process management (WPM)
  • Inventory and waste tracking
  • Rework management
  • ERP and systems integration
  • Recipe and batch management
  • Report automation
iconsys enhance performance through integration of automation technologies.
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