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Performance Analytics

Enable data-driven decisions

There’s no better way to help you understand how your business is operating than accurately tracking and using your manufacturing operational data.

iconsys enables manufacturers to understand their business operation by optimising how data is collected, organised and contextualised. This can then be analysed to inform any decision making.

We design data infrastructure by:

  • Leveraging data structure standards like IEC62264/ISA-95 and IEC61512/ISA-88
  • Collating production process data in a robust historian to archive, date and compress for efficient storage and retrieval
  • Using relational databases for transactional data, such as process orders, quality test numbers, batch numbers, etc.

We can help you get value out of a data infrastructure:

  • Your process data is stored and protected, effectively making it inaccessible to many who could use it for analytical purposes. The right data is made available for advancing the business via a contextualised abstraction layer, while protecting it within the natural environment of an automation systems layer.
  • Data is powerful in the connections that can be created, with the combination of process data and transactional data resulting in the highest value.
  • Advanced analytics can help optimise performance across assets, materials, energy and yield. To do this, businesses require the power of advanced analytic cloud solutions and services.
  • We can help you adopt proven machine-learning and pattern-recognition techniques.

Enable the power of data socialisation across your site or business:

By viewing your manufacturing system infrastructure without platform bias, iconsys can overlay your objectives and help devise a plan that utilises these new technologies to realise significant business benefits, including:

  • Increased yield and throughput
  • Optimised material/asset performance and energy use
  • Greater agility to meet customer demands
iconsys enhance performance through integration of automation technologies.
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