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Development Managed Connected Support

To maximise the productivity of your manufacturing facilities, the automation systems, related information systems and operating equipment need to be monitored in real-time — we take care of it all.

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A delayed response to incidents can cost valuable production time and even lead to damaged equipment or injured personnel. Proactively measuring and analysing the efficiency and effectiveness of systems through managed connected support reduces downtime and repair costs, while extending the lifetime of your assets.

We carry out energy audits, condition monitoring and site assessments to analyse obsolescence risk.

Highlights of our managed connected support offering include:

  • Network health checks
  • Energy audits
  • Condition monitoring
  • Site audits to identify obsolescence risk
  • Parts management services
  • Training

Keep your entire operation fit for purpose and future ready, with the additional support services of ServConnect™.

Our Managed support services include:

Cyber Security Assessment

In today’s ever-evolving technological landscape, cyber security is of paramount importance to any business.

We have dedicated cyber security specialists who can help you navigate through identifying potential weaknesses within your organisation and deploy targeted solutions to mitigate risk.

Critical System Monitoring

Business critical applications such as SCADA, batch, scheduling and process control systems need rapid response to any issues that arise, to minimise financial exposure.

Application monitoring can allow for these problems to be seen in advance to minimise downtime.

Through a permanent IT infrastructure link, you can monitor these systems and build fault scenarios and early warning systems.

This is a complex project which we can assist with, ensuring great savings for businesses in the long term.

Condition Monitoring

Obtaining real time data on the performance of your industrial assets is fundamental to be able to see where any degradation may be starting to occur.

This monitoring can be done around the clock and you can be sent alarms and information to an online portal.

For more information on the scope of this service, please get in touch.

Predictive Maintenance

Using key data obtained from your process equipment, we offer easy to use software that identifies machine failure in advance.

For larger mechanical and electrical products that have moving parts, monitoring that wear over time is crucial, despite the difficulty to inspect and maintain them.

Maintaining assets within a planned event is more cost effective and efficient to your process.

Safety Audits

Evaluating your equipment to ensure compliance with applicable safety standards, a service few businesses can undertake by themselves.

We provide a machine risk assessment compliant with BS EN ISO 12100:2010.  Our process provides an independent determination of the safety control
system giving Performance Level (PLr) requirements and the associated Safety Requirement Specification (SRS) which forms part of a Functional Design Specification (FDS) documentation pack.

This through to hardware and software design, SISTEMA calculations, Cause & Effect Matrix, FAT, SAT and final validation will enable safe and efficient operation on a machine and ensure compliance with BS EN ISO 12100:2010, BS EN ISO 13849-1:2015 and BS EN ISO 13849-2:2012.

Energy Audits

In today’s energy climate, ensuring your process systems are operating as efficiently as they can is  essential for realistic utility cost management.

The ability to measure and monitor what is happening on your site will mean you can high-light problematic areas and identify quick payback opportunities.

Each audit is bespoke, the scope of which can include: –

  • Analysis of historical energy and utility consumption
  • Review energy management processes and procedures
  • An evaluation of process energy optimisation
  • Requirements for specific regulatory compliance
  • A power quality survey
  • Advice on meeting standards

Control System Asset & Obsolescence Management

We know that having an obsolescence strategy isn’t always top of anyone’s agenda. With the passing of time, systems deteriorate, obsolete equipment and spares become expensive and difficult to source. 

Upgrading software and hardware can be costly, and it is essential that expenditure is minimised over the lifecycle of a process.

Our experienced service team would investigate and create a component list, identify risk levels for both component availability and production necessity.

Following this evaluation, we can identify an upgrade pathway in line with their business needs. We offer safe removal when replacing ageing, redundant or obsolete machinery. 

With a clear roadmap approach our customers are best able to manage their budgets and schedule upgrade work which minimises disruption and maximises up time.

Power Quality Analysis

Poor quality of voltage and current, Power Quality, poses a threat to the efficiency, continuity and safety of electrical installations. Poor Power Quality increases the risk of malfunctions and damage, associated higher maintenance costs, and unnecessary energy losses.

Symptoms of poor Power Quality include:

  • flickering lights
  • recurring and inexplicable equipment malfunctions
  • security systems turning on
  • shortened equipment life
  • excessive heating of cables and distributors.

Power Quality monitoring provides insight into:

  • Voltage, current and power
  • Voltage dips, peaks and fluctuations
  • Inrush currents
  • Voltage level (Overvoltage and undervoltage)
  • Harmonics
  • Transient
  • Frequency

Using the Fluke 1775 Power Quality Analyser equipment – (funded by EU Grant)

This allows us to carry out:

  • Energy Surveys and Load Testing
  • Harmonic Surveys
  • Nuisance circuit breaker tripping
  • Electric Utility power quality surveys
  • Discovery of equipment failures caused by 8kV micro second transients

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For urgent support, or to discuss your service requirements, call us on 01952 442000
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