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Saving time on bag machine Servo system


Supplying Europe’s leading retailers with consumer household products for 50 years, our customer had a Bag machine with two servo motors that wouldn’t run in automatic mode.

Due to production already lost, the primary objective was to get the system back up and running with minimal downtime.


Our Solution

Our engineer connected to the motion controller using the customer’s Toughbook laptop and USB lead, uploading the source code from the motion controller. The engineer could then monitor the I/O and position of the programme pointer in the software to identify the fault.

From this, the engineer determined that the start signal wasn’t being received by the controller. Further monitoring of the I/O identified that this input wasn’t going high when 24vdc was applied. Our engineer then moved the signal to an alternative input and altered the software to suit, after which the machine ran correctly.



  • Machine back into production quickly with minimal downtime
  • Easy Commissioning and Maintenance

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