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Quick diagnosis leads to minimal machinery downtime


The customer has become synonymous with leading shooting performance and have been producing the finest quality bullets for sports rifle shooting.

The customer reported a fault with their loading machine which, shortly after the machine sequence start was pressed and the auxiliary drive got up to speed, caused an emergency stop event.

An ABB ACS310 drive controlled the speed of an auxiliary motor on the machine.

When the machine is started this drive starts and when up to speed the customer can initiate the main machine drive, this is to ensure that the speeds are synchronised to prevent loading jam ups.

When the customer was starting this ACS310 as soon as it got up to speed (35hz) a Pilz safety relay would lose its channels and the machine would stop.

To get the system back up and running with a minimum of downtime

Our Solution

Previously the inverter had been changed and the problem remained. After investigating further our engineer noticed that there is a digital signal from the ACS310 to the Control PLC to indicate that it is up to speed, upon investigation of the program, this signal was not being received.

Our engineer checked the drive parameters and found that parameter 1402 was not selected and should have been set to 14 (at reference speed).

We presume that when the inverter had been replaced, they had a different fault and this parameter had been overlooked during its replacement.



  •  System back up and running
  • Issue resolved in a short period of time, therefore, minimum machinery downtime

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