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Slate mine safety system flood damage repair


The customer runs tours for the public of historic slate drift mines in Wales.

Following the failure of a number of water pumps at the historic slate drift mine a number of items within the mine winch electrical control system were damaged by the flood water.

Our objective was to get the system back up and running with a minimum of downtime. Replacing the damaged equipment by installing new equipment and then commissioning and testing / validating the entire system.


The damaged units were mainly located at Station B and consisted of the following equipment:-
• Remote I/O “B” station 1 enclosure containing ASi nodes 7, 8 & 9
• Remote I/O “B” station 2 enclosure containing ASi nodes 10 & 17
• Creep zone track side limit switch
• Final stop track side limit switch
• End of travel bottom emergency stop limit switch
• Emergency stop pull wire switch
• Station “B” Emergency stop push button
• ASi cable between Station A & Station B


  • System back up and running with minimum downtime
  • Replaced with modern equipment

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