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AMR movement of Totes to production line


The customer required a tote-to-line application solution, transporting totes from their AMR Central stores location to numerous production lines. It is intended to compliment an already existing test system consisting of a driven conveyor for delivery of parts and a gravity conveyor for returns.

Previous autonomous mobile robot manufacturers applications were unable to offer a viable solution to the problem.

After the initial consultation period and design concept, iconsys put forward an autonomous mobile robot solution, utilising their purpose built iAM-C, which offered the customer an agile, flexible manufacturing solution to the problem.

Our Solution

Following on from a successful trial at our factory in Telford, the customer wanted the iAM-C to mirror their factory workings and demonstrate how the autonomous robot would work in their dynamic AIV Central environment.

The iAM-C passed the factory acceptance test (FAT) and the customer was eager to progress to the final phase and move towards an internal factory “repeatability / reliability trial”.

The iAM-C application passed all tests and the customer was keen to move forward with the full scope. The robotic solution has been approved with the customer placing an order to install five iAM-C solutions into their production process.

iconsys carried out the detailed design and supply of a conveyor top module to deliver totes, integrating the robot with the three existing Omron PLC conveyor systems.

With two safety laser scanners and two 3D depth cameras to detect objects, our iAM-C unit reduces hazards caused by the existing material handling equipment from the production lines. Another feature is the robot’s local planner, which continuously adjusts its planned routes around such objects.

Creating less dependency on contract labour, we also had the flexibility to improve the factory layout as no fixed cabling is needed to guide the iAM-C.


  • Reduction of hazards caused by reduced manual intervention.
  • Flexibility to change factory layout
  • Cost effective manufacturing solution

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