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Tackling nuclear waste with robotics & AI



The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA’s) was set up to ensure that nuclear sites are decommissioned and cleaned up in a safe, secure, and cost-effective manner, and that nuclear waste is managed and disposed of responsibly to protect people and the environment both now and in the future.

As a result, our customer required an innovative solution to assist with the transportation, sortation and segregating of radioactive waste.

Identifying the type and level of radioactivity present would then help determine the appropriate handling, storage and disposal methods of the radioactive waste.

Due to the nature of the work, to minimise the risk to both workers and the environment, the proposal from the client required an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solution.

Additionally, the customer wanted the proposed solution to make a significant contribution towards saving processing time and to reducing associated risks and costs.

Our suggested solution included a need for their engineers to undergo advanced AMR training.

They had a fixed budget to develop the proof-of-concept trial.

Our Solution

We initially carried out a site survey in order to identify any possible difficulties and establish the best way to proceed with our proposal.

In collaboration with our AMR partners and the customer, we provided a turnkey solution that combined numerous manufacturers hardware to create a robust and safe mechatronic solution that provided a successful deployment of the trial project.

We also designed the mechanical interface for the docking mechanism.

Having initially assessed their existing engineering AMR knowledge, we were able to create a bespoke AMR training program focused on delivering the learning objectives to bridge the “knowledge gap” and deliver a deeper understanding and provide for future development.  The training was delivered at our purpose built Technology Hub.

We produced a bespoke manual user guide to provide clear user instructions and to help reduce support requests and give the customer more autonomy for their project.

As a follow on from our training we were able to offer our ServConnect™ service support, with 24/7 remote engagement.

The prototype was tested and demonstrated in full-scale within a non-radioactive environment. This ensured we adhered to stringent Nuclear Industry standards in terms of high safety procedures, protocols and documentation conformity standards.

Customer Feedback

“Early engagement with iconsys was fantastic and the AMR solution was ideal for what we needed.

During the initial engagement with iconsys in the optioneering phase the support and assistance we received was amazing. As this was an early prototype our ideas were constantly evolving, but iconsys only ever provided patient and prompt help.

The main benefit was that iconsys provided everything we needed to enable us to procure, integrate and test this part of the system, including liaison with the AMR manufacturer, supply of the AMR training and excellent technical assistance.

We now have gained experience of a valuable tool in the AMR that will have many possible applications in our industry. It has enabled us to successfully deliver the system, by providing the means to connect the various modules together resulting in a truly flexible system.

Providing tireless support during our procurement process to find a solution that was available in the very demanding timescales, despite issues with the manufacturer, and extremely tight budget; and secondly in providing timely technical support during the integration phase to enable us to get the system integrated and operating correctly. Personal support was received from both commercial and technical staff.

A good working solution to our problem of waste item transport, delivered to demanding timescale and budget.

A successful demonstration of the system was delivered to our stakeholders exactly on schedule.

The support never wavered throughout the project despite the difficulties.”


Senior Physicist



  • A full mechanical and electrical engineering solution
  • Bespoke AMR training program
  • Numerous manufacturers hardware integrated
  • Remote service support provided
  • Future improvements possible


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