Christmas foodbank donations


We made a conscious decision to forego the customary practice of purchasing Christmas gifts and cards for our respected customers, suppliers and partners.  Instead, we decided to focus our resources towards the spirit of giving during the festive season and opted to channel our resources in a direction that would make more of a meaningful difference.


As a result, we decided to donate to numerous food banks strategically located close to some of our valued clients and partners across the United Kingdom. We are proud to announce that we made a total of 26 donations, contributing over £1,000 to various food banks, schools and local charities.


We are of the view that our decision reflected a sense of social responsibility and emphasised our belief to bring about positive change and give support where it was needed most by fostering a positive impact on the lives of those facing challenges.


By redirecting our efforts towards aiding those in need, we firmly believe that we embraced the genuine essence of Christmas.