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Totes to line parts delivery goes autonomous


Our Tier 1 automotive customer was struggling with shortages of labour and a high turnaround of contract staff. These issues were causing higher training & staffing costs, and late deliveries to line.

Our Solution

In order to achieve the required throughput across the 80,000m2 facility to multiple different location a dynamic and scalable solution was required.

We introduced multiple iAM-C’s which collected product directly from the factory warehouse and delivered parts directly to each line.

The iAM-C autonomous robot comes equipped with a roller conveyor to retrieve product from conveyors with no requirement for operator interaction, as safety was of high importance to the customer, we introduced additional hardware such as wireless safety devices to ensure the iAM-C was always in the correct position before operating any conveyors.

We also introduced our own AMR software platform AMRConnect™ to monitor the iAM-Cs to give operators live diagnostics of the equipment and management detailed analytics on how the system is performing, which was made available for any device with a web browser in the facility.


  • Reduced operational costs
  • Addressing labour shortage issues
  • Improved handling safety
  • Tracking visibility

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