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Upgrade of Paper Mill and Effluent processing plant


Siemens had withdrawn the support of their PCS7 V6.1 DCS hardware and software which was used to run Paper Machine 1 (PM1), Paper Machine 2 (PM2) and the effluent processing plant.

Additionally, the client wanted the Effluent processing plant to work independently from PM1 and PM2.

Most motors, drives, actuators and sensors on the existing effluent plant had become inefficient and unreliable, often causing plant stoppage due to component failure and therefore needed replacing and upgrading.

Upgrading the effluent processing plant was critical as there was a requirement to improve the through-put of both paper machines when running simultaneously

Our Solution

iconsys developed new software for the effluent plant, integrating the latest DCS Simatic PCS7 V8.2 Platform, fully integrated over a robust Profinet network with several Remote IO stations and Profinet interfaced with G120 drives. These include:

PCS7 SCADA design for functional groups of the Effluent plant with relevant faceplates in fully automatic or manual modes.

S7-400 PLC programming and integration of I/O, design of data for display and diagnostics.

Cascaded PID control engineering for level and flow control.

Simulation software to model plant behaviour at the FAT.


  • Replacement of obsolete machinery
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced plant downtime
  • Lower manual intervention

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