MES/ERP + MIS Systems

A major area for potential improvement is the collection, collation, analysis and historical storage of the data that is available across manufacturing plants via the installed base of automation systems.

Yet even today, many organisations are not using this data to its full potential. The ability to easily measure and drive production efficiency improvements, identify where energy is being wasted, as well as the ability to link the MES/ERP + MIS system to Factory Automation to streamline processes and provide management visibility locally or remotely. Using PC's or hand held devices has never been easier.

Essential for Sustainable Manufacturing, Iconsys has the knowledge and capability to take you there.

Summary of MES & MIS experience

  • Aspentech’s Product Suite
  • Siemens SimaticIT
  • GE’s Proficy Suite
  • Zarpac’s ZarpacPI for OEE
  • Tailored system using DotNet