Whether it be a single point-to-point communication project or complex multi-drive, SCADA, PLC and multi-device automation solution, flexibility of communication protocol is critical to ensure that all types of hardware communicate efficiently.

We have experience of all communication platforms and protocols. Networks have traditionally utilised copper and fibre optic media but now include the latest wireless radio, leaky coax, mobile and optical solutions.

New installations can be high performance, Safe, Wireless and with complex multi-devices. While retrofit projects also include networks to obscure legacy systems.

Following examples of typical defined networks:

  • ProfiNet, ProfiSafe
  • Profibus DP, Profibus PA
  • Ethernet I/P
  • Modbus Plus, Modbus TCP
  • ControlNet, DeviceNet
  • Data Highway+, Remote I/O
  • AF100
  • ASi
  • Siemens H1 / L1 / L2 Bus
  • GE Genius
  • WorldFIP
  • ESP, StarNet, HDLC
  • RS 485-232
  • Field Bus


When the above modern networks are used to link production cells and plants, it provides the basis for Industry 4.0 otherwise known as Industrial Internet of things (IIoT).  This then allows ICONSYS to enhance our clients capabilities with software packages which provide high level … manufacturing intelligence / flexible manufacturing / building intelligence / efficient maintenance / quality control / traceability and overall increased supply chain efficiency.