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As a multi-disciplined engineering solution provider, the service support we provide represents an essential component of the overall solutions offered.

We have assembled a dedicated team of professional engineers and technical experts who are solely focused on 24/7 service support.

Our experienced service team offers a complete, bespoke preventative maintenance and support service and is your insurance against any unplanned and potentially costly machine breakdown or production downtime.


ICONSYS can provide 24/7, 365 access to a dedicated team of experienced, professional automation engineers and technical experts, ready to resolve your automation problems or rectify any breakdown situations

24/7 365 (SLA) Site Adoption Preventative Maintenance Automation Support Industrial Networks Non-contract (AD HOC)



Maintenance Services

Unexpected production interruptions are not tolerable in today’s business environment of just-in-time delivery and increased productivity demands.

Unexpected production interruptions are not tolerable in today’s business environment of just-in-time delivery and increased productivity demands.

We offer these services on equipment from all manufacturers




We adopt a systematic approach to helping customers tackle the challenges of obsolescence machinery, by offering a proactive, strategic planned and affordable “roadmap” approach to upgrading your site and paying attention to;

  • Interaction with new systems
  • Training requirements
  • Manufacturing support
  • Safety regulations
  • Future expansion possibilities

This is normally carried out over a realistic timeframe allowing for tighter financial control of maintenance budgets whilst improving uptime of the plant. By taking a strategic approach to obsolescence planning and upgrading of your legacy equipment ICONSYS can help save on machinery downtime and money as well as improve the overall effectiveness of the upgrade project. Over time we have accumulated vast experience working with legacy systems and using migration technology to alleviate risk and offer long-term upgradeable solutions.



Energy & systems audit

In today’s tough economic climate, all organisations are pushing harder to find cost savings.

At the same time, many are under pressure to comply with the latest environmental legislation and wish to reduce their carbon footprint. By focusing on energy efficiency you can do both: reduce your impact on the environment whilst also improving your bottom line. ICONSYS’s team of energy efficiency specialists are helping organisations to do exactly that.




As a leading solution provider using the latest software and hardware packages, our highly trained and experienced team of specialised engineers are constantly trained and educated by the world’s leading manufacturers via accredited solution provider partnerships.

If you are looking to train and develop your staff’s automation product & application knowledge, you may be interested to know that ICONSYS conducts bespoke training programs specially tailored to suit your needs.



Network Health Check

A comprehensive network audit will give an insight into any problem areas in your PROFIBUS or PROFINET system, our qualified engineers will be happy to advise you on all improvements to be made.

Our service is an extremely effective way of preventing breakdowns and downtime occurring in your system. If you have a network audit carried out, this will ensure that your network gets back to the correct level of quality



Cyber Security

Companies typically utilise cloud-based computing as a way to increase capacity, enhance functionality or utilise additional services when required.

Operationally, cloud based technology increasingly interconnects industrial facilities, allowing machine to talk and react with one another, enabling numerous new insights based on analysed data.



Robotic Maintenance

The use of robots have brought many benefits to manufacturers, but in order to continue seeing those benefits is to implement a robot maintenance program.

The best way to avoid losses in productivity or experience a complete shut-down is to ensure your robots receive regular planned maintenance.



Drives Care

Our experienced service engineers can be called upon to repair your drive at your premises.

Offering you a quick resolution to the problem, and safely minimising production and process downtime.




In the case of an emergency breakdown you may need to rent one of our drives for a temporary or unknown period of time, or possibly even try the drive before you buy, we will be happy to accommodate your requirements.

Our experienced engineering team can be called upon to set up and commission the installation of the rental drive.