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Pilz is a world leader in safe automation technology, which can be utilised to create safe working environments in all industries. Its products are focused around safety, which Pilz strives to integrate into every automation solution.

Integrating Pilz products into projects, we can create a total automation solution, with the safety of humans, machines and the environment guaranteed. These solutions will be suited to your individual application and managed from design to commissioning, with 24hr support available.

Why iconsys?

iconsys has been using Pilz products for several years. Our team’s experience allows us to utilise products to provide the safest solution for your industry. Projects are managed every step of the way and designed with you in mind. The Pilz safety system can provide a unique solution to allow your processes to be as safe and intelligent as possible.

Specific Pilz capabilities include:

iconsys enhance performance through integration of automation technologies.
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