iconsys launches the innovative iAM-R into the AMR market.


iconsys, one of the UK’s leading automation system integrators, has branched out into the autonomous mobile solutions with the launch of its iAM-R (iconsys Autonomous Mobile Robot).

The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) is our first step in our journey towards providing robotic solutions to your workplace. As an established automation system integrator, the launch of the iAM-R allows iconsys to go one step further in providing leading integration services to our customers.

Taking automation to a new level, the iAM-R offers a combination of flexible robotic automation with autonomous navigation, as well as delivering a very adaptive solution for manufacturing and logistical processes. Flexible route-planning, intelligent obstacle avoidance and network communication enable the iAM-R to perform tasks independently around your workplace factory floor.

First showcased to the public in June at the Made in the Midlands Expo at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, the robot demonstrated its collaborative machine tending capabilities, flexibility to interface with vision systems and multi-layered technology platforms, exhibiting how easily this can be integrated into the workplace.

As the iAM-R is fully customisable, this can be integrated into all kinds of industrial manufacturers who would benefit greatly from the use of mobile robot solutions.

Find out more about the iAM-R at iam-r.iconsys.co.uk. Or alternatively get in touch to discuss how the iAM-R can optimise your workplace by calling us on 01952 607300 or emailing info@iconsys.co.uk.