iconsys certified Siemens industrial strength network partner


As a leading systems integrator, iconsys continue to build and expand their capabilities to align with ever changing environment and client requirements.  Driven by the need for fast and secure data to enable clients digital transformation journey, Iconsys are pleased to announce their appointment as an official Siemens Industrial Strength Network (ISN) solution partner.  Iconsys are one of only five Siemens (ISN) partners in the UK, bringing our unique Operational Technology (OT) credentials and multi sector experience to the industrial I.T. world.


Nick Boughton, Iconsys Head of Digital & Innovation stated… “This is great news for our customers as it represents our commitment to deliver future-proofed secure networks”.  “As your network partner we can execute improvements that extend your capabilities and provide the strongest technological competitive and strategic advantage for your business”.  “We are here to help our customers achieve the full potential from their industrial networks, as we look forward to helping clients reach the next and future stages on their digital journey, based on this strong infrastructure base”.