iconsys 2020+ business strategy


At the beginning of the year, iconsys Managing Director, Nick Darrall presented the iconsys 2020+ strategy to the company. The presentation outlined a new chapter in our history and unveiled our new iconsys brand identity, refocusing our vision for the future, and refreshing our mission statement and values to adjust for growth within our key market sectors. This new chapter will afford us opportunities to expand our services into new technologies and industries.

One of our core values is People… We believe people are at the core of everything we do. We employ and nurture the best talent in the industry. We support a collaborative, safe working environment and earn the trust and confidence of customers by acting with integrity. We have set up a company improvement scheme, investing in training programs to enhance employee’s continuous development.

In line with our 2020+ strategy and people being at our core, iconsys have set up a Culture Committee to give all employees “a voice”, an opportunity to have their say. The committee is made up of employees that represents all areas of the business, they meet once a month to discuss, review and help improve all of the elements that allow the business to be true to its values.