Back to University


Iconsys senior project engineer Luke Creasey, was recently invited back to University of Sheffield, where he completed an MEng in Automatic Control and Systems Engineering in 2008, to give a presentation to the current year’s in-take of Automatic Control & Systems engineers and to those on the cusp of graduating on what they can expect if they decide on a career in Industrial Controls engineering, similar to his.

The in-depth presentation began with Luke sharing his story so far; his thoughts, his experiences and the reasons why he chose a career as a Control & Systems engineer. He explained how he pursued this career goal, through to the senior position that he now holds within Iconsys today. Luke imparted his wide ranging experiences, including diverse and varying projects that he has worked on over the years, in different industry sectors including the automotive, packaging, converting, materials handling, theatre automation, renewable energy and marine sectors. He also discussed the advantages of pursuing a fulfilling career as a Control & Systems engineer and the huge benefits and rewards of working for an organisation such as Iconsys.