ABB Authorised Value Provider (AVP)


After many years of working alongside international automation conglomerate ABB, Iconsys are delighted to be accepted as an “Authorized Value Provider” (AVP).  ABB is a global leader in automation systems industry. Over the years they have invested a considerable amount of time and financial resources to develop and launch their AVP program, aimed at improving their deliverable solutions to the market, through innovators like Iconsys.

Initially Iconsys, were audited by ABB to ensure conformity to their ridged partner program requirements. The authorisation program ensures that ABB AVPs provide high quality and globally consistent customer support and services. Being accepted on the program demonstrates that Iconsys are fully trained, regularly audited and officially authorised to represent ABB products and services. Membership to the program is very stringent. Initially members need to show that they have been in business for at least five years, financially secure and continue to invest in ongoing staff training and support. Additionally, engineers attend ABB University on an on-going basis to ensure technical competence and continuous personal development.

As one of the UK’s leading system integrators we believe our product partners play a pivotal role in the strategy, solution and the support we offer our customers. As our suppliers play an integral part in our success we value these partnerships and endeavour to nurture a strong long term alliance. Thatis why we carefully select our partners, as we believe they must be reliable, cost effective, globally available and most importantly innovative in their products and approach.