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New oiler system for a global steel plant


A worldwide steel producer required replacement of the PLC & VSD on its Steel Pickle Line Oiler, as replacements are no longer available, and it wasn’t viable to maintain or support the aging technology.

All work was conducted over a planned weekend shutdown by creating a window in the production schedule. The main aim of the project was to upgrade from the existing Gem80 PLC and Cegelec Alspa gd 2000e VSD to a Siemens S7 PLC and ABB ACS800 VSD.


Our Solution

Following the design and build at our Telford site, two of our installation engineers worked in tandem to ensure time on-site was kept to a minimum.

The Gem80 PLC was removed, and two pre-built Siemens PLC racks were installed in the existing cabinet. The Cegelec Alspa gd 2000e was then removed from the rear and replaced with the ABB ACS800.

Both the front and rear of the panel were fully tidied, and all components clearly identified ensuring all wires/cables were traced fully with identification markers added where applicable. After installation, the system was tested, commissioned and put into service, with a new set of fully updated schematics issued.



  • Modern reliable, efficient and maintainable drive system
  • System back up and running with a minimum of downtime
  • Reduced wiring

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