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Replacing an electrical dockside loading system destroyed by fire


Following a fire which destroyed the majority of the electrical system for the ship loader, Iconsys was tasked with designing a new electrical control system which included building the main control panel suite and several remote operator stations. Liaising with the mechanical refurbishment company, the overall project encompassed a combination of the new control system, re-cabling, new operator desks/stations and removing damaged cables and equipment.


Our Solution

At the heart of the system, we used a Rockwell RSLogix5000 programmable logic controller, which communicates to a number of field devices via Ethernet. Safety related operations of the ship loader were implemented using Pilz Multi PLC.

Controlled from a cabin situated at the top for the best visual point, the loader comprises a main manual control desk, providing system status and operator modes information. The operator takes master control from this point, but can relinquish control to remote operator stations positioned around it. Filed devices are wired to strategically positioned local I/O in the form of Flex I/O racks.



  • System back up and running with a minimum of downtime.
  • Functionality to remote access server & user front end


Client Feedback

The dock yard manager was delighted with the new system provided by our engineering team within a short and demanding project timescale.

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