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Our paper machine drive system makes the grade


iconsys was asked to upgrade a paper machine, replacing old digital AC drives and multiple plcs with a new fully regenerative (IGBT) front end and common DC bus feeding the drive sections, and a single Siemens S7-400F safety PLC.


Our Solution

The new system comprises Seven ABB drive sections from the Wet End to the Drum Reeler, with motor powers ranging from 18.5 to 800kw. All drives are interconnected on a Profinet controls network interfacing to the central PLC.

It also included upgrading the existing wincc SCADA (Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition) system, while enhancing the emergency stop system through the safety PLC and safety remote IO (ET-200SP).

New digital drives provided more accurate and repeatable speed control. Designed to replace the existing drive suite with minimum disruption to existing cabling, the system was installed and fully commissioned during a one-week planned shutdown.



  • New ABB digital drives provided more accurate and repeatable speed control
  • Safety system updated to latest standards
  • All hardware & software design, system build installation and commissioning
  • Improved monitoring of plant Safety I/0


Client Feedback

“After an amazingly smooth install, the machine was producing paper within 50 minutes of handover and producing production paper within 4 hours. We had set a production target for the first 3 days at 300 tonnes and actually produced 314 tonnes. This has been one of the most successful start-ups after a major shut for many years, please forward my thanks to everyone involved in the project.”

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