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A better-equipped assembly line for JCB


JCB required an extension to sit next to its existing Engine Assembly line. Engines leaving the old line were transferred to the new line by mechanical means and processed according to the client’s control function philosophy.

Iconsys was challenged with developing the electrical control system and building the main control panel and operator stations. The overall project involved several other companies who supplied additional equipment to the assembly line.


Our Solution

At the heart of the system, a Siemens S7-319 programmable logic controller communicates to a number of field devices by Profibus and profinet. This is complemented with a main operator interface type Siemens OP277 TFT display.

The main operator display conveys information for central start-up, global fault information, system status information, operator modes, diagnostic information, overview of the complete assembly line and production data. Positioned around the assembly line are a total of 11 operator stations.

Assembly line field devices are wired to strategically positioned local I/O in the form of 4 x ET200Pro modular nodes. Wiring to these modules is done with a connector set comprising a pre-determined length of cable with matting plugs and sockets. This has a major role in reducing the wiring and installation costs.



  • Improved speed of recipe selection, data entry, data trending and logging system status – enhanced diagnostics
  • Reduced wiring and costs – improved communication
  • Enhanced diagnostics
  • Easy commissioning and maintenance

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