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Galvanising a strong future in Vietnam


We were tasked with designing, supplying and commissioning the electrical system to control the drives and equipment of a hot dip galvanising process line situated in Vietnam. As it was a greenfield site and lacked experienced operators, some automatic features were included to facilitate the set-up and running of the line.


Our Solution

The overall project comprised incoming 440Vac switchgear design, supplied from a local Vietnamese manufacturer. A line drive system was used, featuring 21 AC variable speed drives operating from a common DC bus system.

Furnace helper drives consisted of 23 variable speed AC drives operating from another common DC bus system. An auto changeover UPS system ensured that during a major power loss, rotation can be maintained for up to half-an-hour while the standby diesel generator is started.

A PLC system was incorporated with two cpus operating on the same data bus. Four main desks with operator controls and a screen display with data entry were complemented by a three-phase UPS system to provide power for the furnace drives.



  • Process continuity maintained in an event of a major power loss (Risk Mitigation)
  • Increased performance and high utilisation


Client Feedback

The system has now been operating successfully for several years, with excellent performance and high utilisation.

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