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A higher class of glass production


A major glass manufacturer needed to update the control of its toughened glass line to improve reliability and quality. The existing system didn’t provide the precision to meet the fine tolerances, and also relied on outdated hardware. The line comprised a furnace, quench, wash station and measuring station, along with the glass transport to move between stations.

This project was to improve control of the variables within the process, resulting in a higher quality finished product, reduced waste and better reliability.


Our Solution

Iconsys designed and built a control system utilising Siemens S7-317 PLC for the furnace temperature control, quench positioning and general transport and sequencing. Remote I/O from the Siemens ET200S range ensured minimum re-cabling work.

For the measuring station, a Siemens D435 Position controller was used, along with S120 Servo drives, a smart line input module, high speed analogue input and auxiliary encoder input. The Siemens wincc SCADA application included over 1500 internal tags to handle the data management and machine pairing. An IP camera was linked to the SCADA for monitoring etched glass codes on approaching the entry conveyor.



  • Improved production reliability
  • Increased product quality
  • Reduced wastage


Client Feedback

The customer is delighted with the improvements in quality and reliability. Wastage is reduced and they can now offer glass of a tighter tolerance.

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