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Complete retrofit, upgrade & conversion


iconsys were contracted to design and build the control and distribution boards for this industry leading project to convert an existing vessel into a multi-lay offshore engineering vessel for the Oil and Gas industry.

The challenge was to design and manufacture three compartmentalised control and distribution boards to be mounted on the ship to distribute power to ancillary equipment around the vessel including Remote I/O.

The panels were to be mounted in various locations on the vessel and would require anti-vibration protection. The panels were required to be 316L stainless steel and IP56 rated.

Our Solution

The iconsys solution was to provide multi compartment custom panels with internal busbars built in. Each panel has a compartment for each distribution circuit required as well as cable ways and remote I/O.

The panels were manufactured and tested by the supplier to ensure suitability for mounting in the marine environment of the vessel. Provisions were made in the mechanical design of the panels to ensure the easy fit of anti-vibration technology during installation.

The design of the panels was undertaken using Eplan P8 to allow a fully encompassed intelligent project completed to the clients drawing standard. The hardware design department were able to work on the project from multiple workstations to ensure work was completed efficiently.

iconsys took on the responsibility to supply the client with a full turnkey solution and was responsibility for all key stages of the project such as:
• Design of mechanical, electrical & control systems
• Manufacture, build and installation
• Technical documentation

The collaborative effort between various suppliers, has meant that the final turnkey solution has been custom build to the specific requirements of our client, ensuring that the equipment is fit for purpose and meets client satisfaction.

• Project management
• New control system
• Hardware & software design
• Siemens PLC
• Network infrastructure
• PLC Upgrade
• Re-cabling of fibre communication network


  • Retrofit & PLC upgrade
  • Future expansion possible
  • Modern manufacturer supported platform

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