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Extensive treatment for a production line


A pre-treatment line was needed to extend the current production line of a rolled zinc manufacturer based in Spain. To control the cleaning and pre-treatment of its phosphate coating line, the installed system would process raw coils through a rigorous cleaning and finishing treatment section, where quality standards are very high and a consistent colour essential.

 A totally integrated electrical control system would offer full control of the cleaning and finishing treatment. Iconsys chose Siemens drives and controls technologies (Siemens IA & DT). The electrical equipment supplied included AC variable speed drives, a PLC, control gear, SCADA and variable speed drive AC motors of Siemens IA & DT manufacture.


Our Solution

We used drive and control products selected from the Siemens Industry Automation and Drive Technologies ranges. The equipment supplied by Iconsys included:

  • 13 Vector controlled variable speed AC drives for the strip transport system
  • 15 DOL starters for the hydraulics, fans etc.
  • 9 220V AC supplies for Edge Guides, Steering Units and Inspection Lighting
  • Siemens S7-300 PLC with 592 digital I/O, 32 Analogue I/O & 3 high speed counters
    Entry Desk
  • Main / Exit Desk
  • Small Control stations
  • SCADA system based on Siemens wincc with 17” monitor and industrial keyboard and integral tracker ball on the Main Desk for operator interface
  • 3 Incremental encoders for line speed measurement
  • 2 Absolute Encoders with Profibus interface to the PLC



  • Increased control of the coating line from one main hub
  • Improved product quality standards
  • Greater product consistency

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