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State-of-the-art brick kiln control


A British brick manufacturer approached iconsys to replace its dated and not very user-friendly kiln controller.

Offering extremely slow communication between the Cellatronic controllers and the Cellacontrol equipment, this bespoke system was now obsolete, with little or no support in the UK. The customer was looking to replace the front-end automation and information system, while the temperature controllers and burner management systems would remain.

iconsys recommended a more state-of-the-art system based on a degree of commonality with existing new equipment types. This would improve the speed of recipe selection, data entry, data trending and logging and system diagnostics.


Our Solution

iconsys replaced the two Cellatronic controllers with a modern Siemens PLC system. The new PLC performs the same control as both the replaced systems.  The Cellacontrol system was replaced with a desktop PC running WINCC SCADA software.

The solution included:

  • Functionality to remote access server & unique user front end
  • HMI display
  • Error States indicated on screen to user to increase usability and functionality
  • Safe recovery from power surge or dip increasing uptime and minimising lost time
  • Safe entry system for access into the cell with safety lock until cycle complete
  • Full Controls manual
  • A safe working system in-line with current safety standards



  • Functionality to remote access server & user front end
  • Improved speed of recipe selection, data entry, data trending and logging and system diagnostics
  • Automatic temperature control by zone and a degree of manual temperature control

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