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BMW’s Tri-axis press driven forward


BMW Swindon presses parts for the first and second generation Mini. Originally installed in 1990, the GP531 Tri-axis press was controlled by an Allen Bradley Pyramid integrator and Unico digital DC drive system, which needed replacing to meet BMW’s equipment standards.

We managed the project as Principal Contractor under CDM and HSE regulations.


Our Solution

The overall project involved a complex multi-drive and control system designed on a Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) product platform. This consisted of S7 safe and standard plcs with multiple remote I/O nodes, controlling a Siemens Sinamics & Simotion Servo drive system. Operator controls were provided by multiple operator stations utilising wincc SCADA clients communicating on Profinet to a wincc server.

Interfacing to existing BMW control systems, such as the Stacker, Bandteiler and Swing Shear systems and mechanical enhancements were also incorporated.

In addition, state-of-the-art safety systems utilising fortress locks, light guards, Euchner switches, Leuze lasers and mobile HMI panels were implemented to meet the latest safety legislation.



  • Upgrade of obsolescent equipment
  • Installation of safety system
  • Training provided
  • Delivered on time with minimal downtime
  • Enhanced diagnostics


Client Feedback

The project was delivered on time to meet the growing demands of the BMW Mini product and also for the launch of the second generation BMW Mini. The high-quality standards set by Iconsys and commitment to complete the project have been commended by BMW and will be used as a benchmark for future projects within BMW Swindon.

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