Pallet In-Feed System

All stock is received on pallets and passed through an automated system which reads the barcode, books the stock into the warehouse and passes it to the correct storage area. An on-line order from a customer generates two processes.

The first process generates a despatch note to retrieve the requested stock from the storage area to the picking line.

The second creates a TOTE pick, programmed to move along the pick line to pre-determined stations to pick the goods. The goods in the TOTE are checked and moved to the next station to pick more goods. Once all requested items have been loaded into the TOTE, it is stored ready for despatch.


  • Project Management
  • New Conveyor Control System
  • New Lift Operator Controls – 4 Stations
  • New Pick Station Controls – 4 Stations
  • TOTE Weighing System
  • Siemens S7-400 Programmable Logic Controller
  • Communication over Profibus Network
  • Siemens ET200S and SEW Z6 remote I/O
  • Mobile Siemens HMI Connectivity points for Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Integration of SEW Distributed Gear Motors
  • Sick Photo-Electric Sensors (PEC)
  • Integration with Existing Safety System
  • Electrical Installation & Cabling
  • Commissioning