Major Paper Machine Upgrade

Recently ICONSYS upgraded a Paper machine, replacing old digital AC Drives and multiple PLCs with a new fully regenerative (IGBT) front end and common DC bus feeding the drive sections, and a single Siemens S7-400F safety PLC.

The new system comprises 7 drive sections from the Wet End to the Drum Reeler with motor powers ranging from 18.5 to 800kW. All drives are interconnected on a Profinet controls network interfacing to the central PLC. The project also included upgrading the existing WinCC SCADA (Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition) system, and enhancing the emergency stop system through the safety PLC and safety remote IO (ET-200SP).


Drive suite containing:

  • Project Management
  • 2 off 3MVA 11kV/690V oil cooled transformers – feeding the paper mill drive suite, existing ancillary drives (fans & pumps)
  • 2500A Main ACB incomer
  • Low Harmonic – Active Front End
  • 7 x Drive sections
  • Safety PLC & Common Controls
  • SCADA Integration
  • Existing Fan & Pumps Dives control and safety integration
  • All Hardware and Software Design
  • Site Cabling
  • Site Installation
  • Profinet interface to safety system
  • Commissioning