Brick Plant Control System

The overall process takes fine clay from the crusher along a series of conveyors to the processing mills. From the mills, the clay powder is transported via the elevators to the ‘Morgensen Sizers’ for multiple separation into the selected storage silo according to the product. The clay is then taken from the selected silo(s) according to the required final product and passed by conveyors to the dry mixer and then to the auger stage where the dry clay is mixed with water and other additives to produce wet clay which is then fed to the extruder to produce the final brick product.


  • Project Management
  • Replacing obsolete equipment with:
    • Siemens S7 PLC
    • Siemens Win CC SCADA
  • Touch screen SCADA with data entry by the operator to select mixing recipes
  • Data Collection & Acquisition
  • Hardware & software system design
  • Extended capabilities, introduce an additional route from the Box Feeders to the silos
  • Installation, Cabling & Commissioning
  • Customer training